Amazing functions of ‘Dianabol’ which you need to know

Amazing functions of ‘Dianabol’ which you need to know

Do you know who is king for the Muscle Building? Well, Dianabol is known as the king.

In today’s article, we will talk about Dianabol. If you have any mission to make a huge body and fitness, you can read it to the end. Here you will get solid information about Dianabol. Hurry! Read it and share it.

What Dianabol is?

Yes, Dianabol is a brand name of methandienone. You can take it orally.  It is used as a supplement for performance and physical enhancement. It is a strong anabolic steroid. This compound is responsible for good protein synthesis. When you do exercises, your body needs more protein to carry on. This steroid helps in that situation.

Several bodybuilders, athletes, and weightlifter use this performance enhancing compound for muscle building and strength. So if you wish to make you bigger, you can buy it online.

Before you buy it online, read its advantage in detail.

 Advantage of Dianabol

·        Increases volume of free testosterone in your body

·        Promotes protein synthesis

·        Increases nitrogen retention

·        Enhances red blood cell production

·        Stimulates fat loss

·        Increases gylcogenolysis

·        Increases metabolic act

·        Gains energy levels

·        Reduces fatigue

·         Promotes recovery


Dosage and average weight gain result of Dianabol

  • For beginners- As a beginner, use only 15-30mg per day. Beginners should not take 50mg per day. 
  •  For advanced users- as an advanced user, use only 50 mg per day, not more than 75mgSome consumers go for a dose as high as 80mg per day. 
  • Dianabol dosage for women- Women bodybuilder and weightlifter can use 5 to 20 mg per day.

 Results of using Dianabol (keep in mind that it is not an absolute result. Weight may vary)

  • After 1 week: 4 - 7 lbs
  • After 2 weeks: 8 - 12 lbs
  • After 4 weeks: 15 - 20 lbs
  • After 8 weeks: 28 - 35 lbs

Side effect of Dianabol

Its side effects are very little, but if you wish to consume this compound, learn its side effects first.

  • Water retention–You will be bloated all the time and your face will look fat.
  • Liver damage- If you have a history of a liver ailment should be more careful. Over dosage can harm your lives fast.
  • Baldness- Large dosage of Dianabol can harm the hair. In time, the hair follicle stops developing hair.
  • Increased bad cholesterol
  • Testicular atrophy– Men’s balls may shrink
  • Testosterone level reduction
  • Acne

Well, if you consume it properly, side effects will not ruin your life. So try to maintain its dosage and cycle.

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