Top 5 bulking anabolic steroids with maximum impact

Top 5 bulking anabolic steroids with maximum impact

What can be more frustrating than spending years in the gym and yet gaining only some inches to the muscles or losing the minimum of the stored fat?

Many will relate with this situation since this is a very common instance in the present days with many of the teenagers. The fact is beyond any doubt that they are now more enthusiastic about gaining toned muscles and that often lead most of them to hit the gym. But, what makes some of them gain quality muscles and most of them gain frustrations in return?

Muscle gaining is not only about exercising like an insane, it involves so many others things that accelerate the gaining. I’m talking about the steroids!

I believe that people are now more aware about the supplements and their beneficial impacts on the human body. Anabolic steroids are the most effective synthetic substances that help both gaining and cutting of muscles. Steroids are primly the synthetic forms of highly active human hormone Testosterone and that’s the reason most of those contain the effectiveness of the hormone. Now the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are categorized in different forms and those are mentioned as:

  •          Bulking supplements
  •          Cutting supplements
  •          Lean muscle gaining supplements and etc.

 Since, here we are more concerned about the gains of muscles, we shall emphasize on top 5 muscle gaining supplements that promote exclusive muscle growth.

5 most effective anabolic supplements for muscle gaining

It is difficult to jump straight away to the decision since so many added factors are there to look into like; the users, stacking, dosage and etc. yet I’ve tried to make a perfect compilation based on various reports and experiments.

1. Testosterone:

It is not a surprise that the top position of synthetic bulking supplements would be grabbed by Testosterone. Irrespective of an individual’s goal, the synthetic form of the supplement can serve all the purposes like; bulking, cutting, increasing strength and endurance and etc.

There are three different esters (cypionate, enanthate and propionate) of this steroid and those serve various purposes. Testosterone Enanthate is more like a bulking steroid however, stacking the substance with others supplements will certainly be of more help. The dosage is very important for any steroid. The recommended dosage for the testosterone is 500-600 mg per week however, this could vary as per individual’s goal and health conditions.

2. Deca Durabolin;

If you are a pro with using the steroidal supplements and familiar with the injectable steroids, then nothing can perform better for your muscle gaining goal than Deca Durabolin. The substance is very popular amongst bodybuilders for its qualities and also for the fact that it offers minimal side effects.

It is one of the mild anabolic supplements that act very slow into the body but offers steady gains. It is seen that 300-400 mg per week is a reasonable dosage however, professionals can handle a dosage up to 600 mg per week.

3. Dianabol:

When we are talking about bulking supplements, how can we miss out this oldest and one of the most effective one? It is considered one of the top bulking supplements in the steroid world. Almost all the bulking cycles include this supplement. The best thing about this steroid is that it helps gaining muscles with strength and endurance and also without water or fat deposits.

The dosage of this supplement will tremendously depend on the individual’s goal and health conditions. The recommended dosage is 20-25 mg per day and this can be increased gradually. 50 mg daily dosage is considered big enough for this supplement.

4. Sustanon:

If you are running after increased muscle mass along with developed strength and stamina then nothing works better than Sustanon. The substance is composed with several Testosterone estrogens and the appropriate dosage can provide miraculous results to the users. This injectable substance contains long working effects. The effect is visible right from the day of injecting and that may remain for up to 3-4 weeks.

There are minimal side effects of this substance if followed by appropriate dosage. The injection is taken once in a week or many follow a 10 days gap between the two dosages. The advised dosage is 250-1000 mg per week. But, the professionals are evidenced to go for higher dosage as well.

5. Anadrol:

If you are keen to accelerate the growth of muscle gaining then you must take the assistance of steroids and if you are looking for rapid gain then Anadrol can serve your purpose better than many others. The anabolic supplement offers some rapid gain and users can achieve up to 10 lbs within 4-5 weeks. The substance is highly effective and abusive consumption may cause serious problem to the liver.

Higher dosage of this supplement might cause some serious side effects so, it is recommended for the beginners to start with a lower dosage of 20-25 mg on a daily basis. But some experience men can tolerate up to 100 mg on a regular basis.


This is the compilation of 5 most effective bulking supplements that are used by both the professionals and the beginners all across the world. If you are stacking these supplements, it is always recommended to go through a proper consultation with professionals. However, the administration needs to be combined with proper exercises to experience the best outcome and lower adverse effects. 

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