Doping in cycling

Doping in cycling

Doping in cycling – Change the fortune of the cyclists

Sports have always been praised and followed by individuals from the ancient era. It has always remained an element of being in good shape and physical fitness. However, numerous individuals, both men, and women have earned name and fame in the sports realm. Cycling is one of the highly acclaimed sports from which several renowned cyclists were born. But, not all of them have reached the height due to their potentiality and performance. Some of them have taken the unfair means of doping in cycling. Hence, a major portion of their credit of success can be given to the substances.


Even though doping is believed to be an unfair means, but there have been some good reasons for motivation. Let’s put a light on the key features of using the products.


What has inspired cyclists for getting into doping?

The reports of professional athletes or other sports personalities taking artificial substances have become a viral news. Individuals might have heard about the word ‘Doping’, but have the least knowledge about it. The term is used for describing the intake of physiological substances with the sheer motive of enhancing performance.


The substances taken by the wannabe or professional cyclists are basically performance enhancing compounds. The intake of the compounds was banned as it renders an unfair benefit to the individual. According to the sport’s governing bodies, it affects the true spirit of the sports by playing a fair game. The level of competition gets tougher with every passing year, hence, the cyclists have to find out new methods for enhancing their performance on the track.


However, it seems that the process of doping in cycling never seems to come to an end. Even in the current period, numerous individuals use the varied compounds, but with proper caution. Let’s dig a few inches deep for extracting more information about the substances.


Some of the commonly used substances by professional cyclists

The traces of professional cyclists using the varied performance enhancement substances can be found in the pages of history. Even in the recent years, some reports have come into the spotlight. Here, the names and details of some of the highly effective substances have been posted.


  • Meldonium – It is generally used for enhancing the circulatory conditions in the body. The user gets a boost in their health and can perform in a better way.


  • Pseudoephedrine – The use of the substance increases the heart rate and enhances the performance of the individual.


  • EPO – This is highly preferred among the cyclists as it increases the oxygen carrying cells in their body. It leads to higher rate of aerobic respiration and more energy.


  • Modafinil – This element holds the capacity of promoting cognitive enhancement. The cyclists gain the advantage of staying alert and concentration on the tracks.


Doping might be considered as an unfair means, but it has always proven to be effective. An amateur can build a brightening career as a professional out of it. Hence, take the right decision for building a career in cycling.

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